Mount Elbert, Pike-San Isabel National Forest

Mount Elbert, Pike-San Isabel National Forest

Alpine mosaic landscape.

Alpine Locoweed in full bloom.

View from the peak looking at the glacial carved valleys in the Frying Pan Wilderness.

The exposed lichen covered landscape gives way to of the dramatic mountains and late season snow pack.

The meadows give way to the steep rocky ridgeline and talus fields.

At tree line the pine forests give way to alpine meadow.

Jay Heeter from the Colorado Mountain Club and Nat Lopes start out on the North Mt. Elbert Trail, which begins at 8,000’ elevation.

Mount Elbert 14,433’ - The Highest Peak In Colorado, second highest peak in continental US.

North American Pica taking in the view.

Descending through the clouds on the way back down the mountain.

View from the Summit looking out at Twin Lakes.

Party on the peak! One of the most popular of the "fourteeners" in Colorado, Mt. Elbert sees a tremendous number of hikers each season.

Yellow-Bellied Marmot whistling and chirping as it forages around its rocky den, fattening up for the coming winter.

Summit of Mt. Elbert at 14,433’ elevation. We made it!  Look in the stash box for the official Mt. Elbert sign to execute the mandatory peak photo.

Mt. Elbert Summit Hike

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